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Welcome to 2020

 Rosemount Place is a gated 55+ community with wonderful neighbors, and beautiful homes. We are located in the picturesque Pacific Northwest near the east end of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and at the edge of Fircrest and University Place. Our community is made up of friendly neighbors and attractive single level homes in an area close to convenient amenities and many attractions. We own or lease our home and take pride in our surroundings. As an added convenience, Merrill Gardens Retirement Center is located next door, making it easy for our residents to transition from independent living at Rosemount Place to Merrill Gardens should the need or desire arise.

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Happy New Year

We’ve just completed another year here at Rosemount Place.  We’ve held another election in which Gregg Lund was elected as our new Vice President and Carol Smythe became the new Treasurer. Our thanks and appreciation go to the previous officers, Lori Boese, VP and Dorothy Spadoni, Treasurer worked hard during their time in office to support and advance the community of Rosemount Place. We have also lost Board Member Mike Gommi to the Pierce County Economic Development Department as a tourism specialist. Mike was supportive of the community and was an appreciated member of the Rosemount Board of Directors. Replacing Mike is Rob Brock. Rob was employed at Merrill Gardens Tacoma when it first opened and was very happy to return as the General Manager this year. We welcome him back to the neighborhood.

A special thanks goes to our neighbor and friend June Meadows. June is a member of the Fircrest Golf and Country Club and has arranged for the Rosemount Ladies to hold our Holiday Luncheon at the club for the past several years. This year and last, the Rosemount Ladies collected and gathered warm sox, hats and gloves to donate to those in need. Good job ladies!

What will the year 2020 bring to us? This coming summer four of our neighbor’s homes will be repainted. Tom and Larry have already been talking to painting contractors so that they can get started as soon as the weather allows.

Of course, the last big event to consider during the coming year is the presidential election. Paying attention to the candidates is an important part of preparation for your vote. Voting is a privilege and a duty given to each and every one of us.

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